Tulip Restaurant – Brno, Czech Republic


Tulip Restaurant in Brno is set in a beautiful space. Upon entering the restaurant, you go down a set of stairs.

Dining Room

To the right is the bar, while the dining room is to the left. True to its name, a huge tulip picture adorns one wall of the restaurant.

The restaurant itself it not large, but does have a nice cozy atmosphere.

Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate was rich and decadent. Served with a generous amount of whipped cream, this was perfect for a very cold night.

Chicken Consomme

The Chicken Consomme was served with noodles and vegetables. The broth was a deep, rich color with a lot of flavor.

Flambé Action

We were super hungry and in the mood for steak, so we ordered a 1 KG beef rump steak from South America. You can choose to have your steak flambéed in front of you using 15 year old rum. While it sounds good for a smaller piece of meat, choosing to do so on a steak this size was a horrible mistake. Our waiter almost insisted upon flambéing this huge Fred Flintstone piece of meat in front of us. For one thing, the cooking surface never got hot enough. He kept apologizing for the length of time, and kept pressing the crap out of it in order to get it to cook faster. All of the juices were running out of the steak faster than Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash.


Once the steak was finished, the presentation was magnificent as it was served on a huge sword. Mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables, and steak sauce was also served on the side.

Chocolate Souffle

The Chocolate Souffle was served with a “forest fruits” sauce, which really covered most of the plate. This was not a soufflé but more of a flourless chocolate cake. The cake had a rich chocolate flavor, but was not as gooey as one would hope.

Creme Brûlée

The Crème Brulee had more of a flan type consistency, as it was not smooth as crème brulee should be. It was on the lighter side as well.

Service was great, although somewhat overbearing as our waiter appeared to be trying too hard. The food was pretty good for the most part. My only suggestion should a party want a larger cut of meat with the flambee is to sear and mostly cook the steak in the kitchen, then bring it out table side to finish with the flambee. That way cooking time would be shorter, and the staff won’t diminish what is a good quality steak.

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