Student Agency Bus – Vienna to Brno

Following our short stop in Vienna, we decided to head over to Brno in the Czech Republic.

There are no direct flights from Vienna to Brno, so after doing some searching we decided to take the Student Agency bus. The name is very misleading as the buses are not limited to students.

The booking process was very easy, and only took a couple of minutes online.

When leaving from Vienna, there are two choices. One can either leave from the Vienna airport, or the bus terminal from the Stadioncenter which is a shopping mall.

We decided to leave from the Stadioncenter bus terminal as it was slightly closer from the Park Hyatt Vienna. There are multiple buses leaving throughout the day from Vienna to Brno, but it is best to make a reservation as buses do sell out. The cost was incredibly low, approximately $8.33 for the one-way trip.

At this price, you would think that the buses would be run down, but this was not the case at all.

Student Agency Bus

The buses appear on the newer side. They were painted a bright yellow and were in good condition.

The seats were comfortable, what you would find on a typical tour bus.


Each pair of seats has an outlet between the seats to power your electronics.


Each seat also has an TV screen located in the seatback in front. There is a decent selections of movies, which can be heard in English.

Complimentary newspapers are available, but only in Czech. Complimentary coffee or hot chocolate is also available, but water is only available for purchase.

There is also a restroom onboard, but it did cost about 50 cents to use.

Using the Student Agency Bus was an enjoyable way to travel, and we did use them several times in fact. For the price, amenities and service you cannot beat it.

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