Turkish Airlines – Istanbul to Vienna

Turkish Airlines
Flight 1887
Istanbul – Vienna
Depart 6:05 PM, Arrive 6:25 PM
Seat 6F, Economy Class

In order for us to access the Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge in Istanbul, we had to depart on a Turkish Airlines flight. In tracking the price of flights, specifically on Turkish Airlines, they seemed extremely expensive for a flight last a little over an hour. When I first started looking prices hovered around $250-$300 for a one-way ticket. I decided to just bide my time as I began looking approximately four months before our trip. On the plus, we were semi-flexible on a travel date.

As time crept closer to our trip, I noticed that prices had dropped to approximately $150, but still held out hope for a continued price. Finally, a little over two weeks before our trip, the price had dropped to just below $100 and I booked our tickets.

Unfortunately, it appears that I deleted all of the interior pictures except for food.

Turkish uses an A330 for this flight. Economy is laid out in a 2-4-2 configuration. Not ideal when you are stuck in the middle section, but also not a huge deal for a flight lasting for just under an hour.


Once we had settled in, menus were distributed. A multi course meal served on a one-hour flight is rather impressive, and is something that you would never see on an American flight lasting this long.


I chose the chicken entrée. Catering on Turkish Airlines is done by DO & CO catering out of Vienna.


A tray was brought, which a small salad. The greens were fresh, as was the mozzarella. The chicken still tender and served with a nice sauce. There were grilled vegetables along with rice pilaf. Dessert was caramelized fig chocolate mousse. The texture was a little thick, and wasn’t my favorite. The meal was also served with a cup of water.

For a short flight, this was a fantastic meal.

For short flights, flying economy on Turkish Airlines is not a big deal at all. The food was on the better side, which is not surprising considering it is being catered by DO & CO. Service was efficient, but not especially friendly.

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