Cafe Nil – Vienna

Cafe Nil

Café Nil is located near Siebensternpark, and appears to be one of the few restaurants that serves Egyptian cuisine.

We stopped in for a quick bite.

Falafel Plate

The falafel plate came with five nicely fried falafel, which came with a salad that was very heavy handed on the vinegar.

Hummus Plate

The hummus plate, also came with slices of falafel, cheese and salad. The hummus was smooth and creamy but was lacking in any real flavor. The cheese was nicely salty, but again was paired with an overly acidic salad.


Bread was served on the side, and I was surprised that it was not pita bread. Instead, it was served with something reminiscent of focaccia.

The food was somewhat of a disappointment here even though we only ordered “safe” dishes. The waiter was friendly, but service was somewhat slow as he appeared to be the only one working.

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