Cafe Landtmann – Vienna

Cafe Landtmann was founded in October 1873, and is considered an institution in Vienna.  Regulars have included Sigmund Freud, Marlene Dietrich, Burt Lancaster and Paul McCartney to name a few.


The Einspanner is a Viennese specialty, which is a glass of strong coffee topped with unsweetened whipped cream.  Powdered sugar is usually served on the side, along with a glass of water and a cookie.  The whipped cream helps to tone down the strength of the coffee and the result is a smooth, strong cup of coffee.

Hot Chocolate

The Hot Chocolate is super thick and chocolatey.  It tastes like the best chocolate bar you have ever had, melted down into drinkable form topped with luscious whipped cream.


The Goulash is a hearty beef stew in a tomato based sauce loaded with paprika.  The beef was very tender, and fell apart with just a nudge from a fork.  The sauce was rich with a little bit of spice from the paprika.  The pickle helped to cut down on the richness of the dish, while the bread was great for mopping up the sauce.


The Kaiserschmarren (Emporer’s Pancake) is a “shredded” (sliced) pancake.  The pancake is fluffy, and slightly eggy.  The smaller pieces lends itself to forming a crust around each piece.  The pancake is served with an apple “mousse” and plum compote.  Despite coming highly recommended by the waiter, this was not especially to my liking.  Since I like really soggy pancakes, the Kaiserschmarren is almost the complete opposite.

For some great coffee, and to soak in Viennese history and atmosphere, a trip to Cafe Landtmann is almost a must.

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