Air Canada Montreal to Toronto

Air Canada
Flight 415
Montreal to Toronto
Depart 2:00 PM, Arrive 3:24 PM
Seat 2G, Business Class

Business Class Cabin

The business class cabin on this A330 was laid out in a 1-1-1 configuration with two of the seats angled toward each other, while the other seat had a lot more privacy.

Business Class Seat

The seats themselves seemed quite narrow. There is some privacy between seats as there is a “wall” between seats but they are not very high. For such a short flight, this was not a problem but on a longer flight the seats could become somewhat claustrophobic.

Entertainment Control
Reading Light

The entertainment controls and reading light were both located to the left of the seat.

No pre-flight beverages were offered.

Cheese Plate

Once the flight was underway, we were served a snack tray consisting of a salad, cheese, grapes and crackers. Although better than nothing, this was not very appealing to me as I don’t normally just eat cheese on its own.

The staff was pleasant throughout the flight, with service being efficient but not overly friendly.

This was a pleasant flight for an hour flight.

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