L’Avenue du Plateau – Montreal

L’Avenue du Plateau is a popular breakfast place in Montreal and is primary known for two things: Humungous portions and their bathrooms.

I had read that this place is very popular and that people start lining up quickly, so we made sure to get there early as we had a flight to catch later in the day.

Upon entering, we were quickly seated. Decorations throughout the restaurant are quirky and eclectic. Some of the decorations include a huge can of maple syrup hanging from the ceiling, a mannequin, a bicycle mounted on the wall, and street art adorning the walls.

French Toast

The French Toast with Caramelized Bananas, Nutella, Coconut and Rum Sauce will certainly get your diabetes on in a hurry. Six super thick slices of breaded is loaded with bananas, what seems like a jar of Nutella, coconut shavings all swimming in a pool of rum sauce. If that wasn’t enough, they give you a side of extra sauce to boot. The flavors went well together, but was a tad on the sweet side. My only complaint was that the French Toast was not as soggy as I like, which is the norm. I found that although I ask for French Toast super soggy, most places only comply about 1% of the time.

Smoked Meat Benedict

The Montreal Smoked Meat Benedict replaces the traditional Canadian bacon with tender smoked meat. The result is a more meaty, and slightly saltier end product. That’s a winning combination in my book. The Hollandaise sauce was nicely prepared and the eggs perfectly poached. The potatoes were also good, but could have been crispier.

Steak & Eggs Benedict

The Steak & Eggs Benedict was piled high with tender cuts of steak and meaty mushrooms covered in a black pepper heavy Hollandaise sauce. The result was another winning combination.

Each dish also comes with a side of huge cuts of fruits impaled on a skewer big enough to kill Dracula, unfortunately I seem to have deleted the picture.


The bathrooms are also a must visit even if you don’t have to use it. Just perusing the art is worthy enough for a visit.

For a fun and friendly atmosphere with good food and large portions, L’Avenue du Plateau is a must visit.

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