Air Canada Business Class: LAX- YUL

Air Canada
Flight 782
Los Angeles to Montreal
Depart 8:00 AM, Arrive 4:17 PM
Seat 4B, Business Class

Upon boarding, I was pointed in the direction of my seat. Although this was an international flight, the seats were standard domestic business class seats.

The seats are larger, but with not much recline. The seats are slightly wider than what you would find in economy, but pales to the seats offered by foreign carriers.

Seat 4B

Waiting at my seat was a small pillow. I generally don’t use pillows on flights of these duration so it was of little use to me.

Warm Towel

Once seated and settled in, I was given a warm towel.

Mixed Nuts

I was offered a pre-departure drink and chose water for such an early flight. I was also given a little ramekin of mixed nuts.


Menus were distributed shortly thereafter.


Breakfast consisted of an omelette, chicken sausage, cottage cheese, potatoes and red peppers.

Fruit Plate

This was served with a side of sliced fruit and yogurt.


Bread was also offered, and I chose a nut bread.

Service throughout the flight was fine and uneventful. The flight attendants would occasionally be present throughout the cabin.

Since this was a relatively early flight, I tried to sleep as much as I could for the duration of the flight.

This was a perfectly fine flight, and would not hesitate to fly Air Canada business class again in the future.

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