Midwood Smokehouse – Charlotte

Who can go to North Carolina and not get some BBQ? Unfortunately, Charlotte is not one of the main BBQ hubs in the state. Midwest Smokehouse, however, serves up some delicious BBQ.

Smoked Wings

The Smoked Wings ($8) is a pound of chicken wings that are smoked then finished on the grill. They were meaty, but still tender and had the right amount of smoke. My mouth is watering just thinking about them they were so good.


Combo Platter


Combo Platter

The Combo Platter (Well Fed $24) comes with your choice of 4 proteins. We chose pulled pork which was smoky and delicious; beef brisket which was tender and full of flavor with just the right amount of fat; burnt ends which had a nice char and a juicy fat cap; and some St. Louis style pork ribs which were fall off the bone tender. The platter comes with pickled onions and hush puppies, which were tender with a nice corn flavor. You also get 2 sides, in our case we got the mac & cheese which was rich and creamy, and the bacon wrapped jalapenos which didn’t pack too much of a punch but had a great crispy bacon coating.

Bread Pudding

We got the bread pudding, which was soggy (I like it this way) studded with raisins. The ice cream helped to added another layer of richness and creaminess to the dish. Would get this again.

Banana Pudding

The Banana Pudding ($5.50) was a very large portion of vanilla pudding with loads of bananas and vanilla wafers. I think they folded in some whipped cream as the dish was actually somewhat light. Between the two desserts, this was the bigger hit.

Midwest Smokehouse puts out some good food which explains the lines and packed house. This is a solid choice to get your BBQ fix in Charlotte.

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