Good Food on Montford – Charlotte

Good Food on Montford is located outside of the downtown Charlotte area. It is one of the better rated restaurants on Yelp and Trip Advisor. I had reviews that seemed to indicate that the staff and patrons could be a little “stuck up”, so I kept that in mind before going there.

It was raining fairly hard on the day we went, so I didn’t expect there to be a long wait as the restaurant does not take reservations.

The restaurant has a small plates concept, which seems to be the norm at a lot of places now.

After being seated and having had a chance to look over the menu, we decided to try a few dishes and depending on portion size to add more as we went.




Arugula Salad

The Arugula Salad ($7) came with arugula piled high topped with bacon and onions, with red and yellow watermelon adding a sweetness to counteract the mint vinaigrette. The salad was a good way to start the meal, but had a little too much dressing for my taste.



Beer Battered Broccoli

The Beer Battered Broccoli ($8) came with a cheddar foam and pickled jalapenos. The broccoli was crisp and not greasy. Just wish there would have been more as this was a hit.

Steamed Bun

The Steamed Bun ($10) came with loads of pork belly, hoisin and pickled vegetables. The vegetables counteracted the sweetness of the hoisin. This is a mash up of a banh mi and Peking duck and worked well.

Korean Beef

The Korean Beef ($12) was set atop crispy rice garnished with scallion kimchi. The meat was tender, and although fire red gochujang could be seen the dish was lacking in the bold flavors and spice that Korean food is known for.

Fried Okra Side

The Salmon ($13) was a southern take on gumbo. The salmon was crisp on the outside, and tender and moist on the inside. The sausage added some “meatiness” to the dish. Perhaps the best thing about the dish was the fried okra. It was light, crunchy and not slimy at all. They were so good, we ordered a side of fried okra.

Parmesan Gnocchi

The Parmesan Gnocchi ($13) were light and fluffy. The chicken was cooked well. The cream sauce added a level of comfort perfect for a cold night.

Crispy Quail Lettuce Wraps

The Crispy Quail Lettuce Wraps ($11) were a take on chicken lettuce wraps seen on many menus. Slices of quail breast were intermingled with cucumber and Asian pear for textural contrast. This was probably the least favorite dish of the night.

Chocolate Brownie

The Chocolate Brownie ($7) is paired with Biscoff ice cream (who can resist that?). The portion is rather large. The brownie was nice and fudgy, and had a slightly crunchy crust.

Pot De Creme

The Pot De Crème ($7) combined chocolate and espresso. Unlike most chocolate pot de crème’s that I have had, this one was a little lighter in texture which I enjoyed. A layer of whipped cream also helped to lighten the dish. This was the much better dessert in my opinion.

Service was friendly throughout the meal. I did not experience “attitude” problems that have some people have noted. I would not hesitate to eat here again.

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