Restaurante Litoral – Macau

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There are two renowned Portuguese restaurants in Macau, and they just happen to be about 100 yards apart.

Restaurante Litoral
Restaurante Litoral

Restaurante Litoral is slightly more formal, but dressing casual is totally acceptable, while A Lorche Restaurant is a little more casual.

We happened to be in the area when the restaurant first opened, and were actually the first customers there.

Bread Service
Bread Service

Meal service started with some rolls and butter. The rolls had a slightly crunchy exterior with a pillowy soft interior. Unfortunately the butter was still slightly hard and trying to spread it tore the bread to shreds.

Pasteis de Bacalhau (Cod Fish Cakes)
Pasteis de Bacalhau (Cod Fish Cakes)

The Pasteis de Bacalhau (Cod Fish Cakes) (~$10 USD) came 6 to an order. The fish cakes were crunchy on the exterior, and soft and flaky on the interior. The fish cakes were on the salty side, as the salted cod wasn’t completely purged of all of the salt.

Lingua de Vaca Estufada (Braised Ox Tongue)
Lingua de Vaca Estufada (Braised Ox Tongue)

The Lingua de Vaca Estufada (Braised Ox Tongue) (~$20 USD) came in a tomato based stew with carrots and potatoes. The tongue was very tender. The dish came with a bowl of rice. This was a very good dish and would order it again.

Galinha Africana (African Chicken)
Galinha Africana (African Chicken)

The Galinha Africana (African Chicken) (~$25 USD) was a half chicken smothered in a tomato based sauce full of spices. The sauce was on the sweeter side, and could have used some heat. The chicken was grilled and very tender. The dish reminded me of the Indonesian dish Ayam Bakar, except for the heat. This dish is lauded by many, but was a little too sweet for my taste.

Serrudura (Biscuit Mousse)
Serrudura (Biscuit Mousse)

The Serrudura (Biscuit Mousse) (~$4.50) is another heralded dish. In Macanese is means sawdust pudding, which doesn’t sound very appealing. The dish is made with a base of whipped cream, vanilla and condensed milk, which is then topped with crushed biscuits. The dessert does not have a lot of taste, as the whipped cream did not taste like it was sweetened at all. The biscuits also have almost no taste. As I had never had this dessert before, I thought I was missing something since people talk about it so fondly. To me, I just don’t see what the appeal is.

The staff was friendly, but service was super slow despite us being the first ones in the restaurant. The restaurant quickly began to fill after we were seated. After the cod fish cakes, the braised ox tongue came out after an appropriate period of time, but the African chicken took almost an hour to be brought to the table which I felt was totally unacceptable. There was no apology from the staff.

Unfortunately, the meal did not outweigh the missteps of the staff. I would eat here again when in Macau though.

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