Por Kee Eating House – Singapore

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Por Kee Eating House
Por Kee Eating House

Por Kee Eating House is located in the Tiong Bahru neighborhood. It is located in a small strip mall type setting. The restaurant itself is pretty small with only about seven tables or so inside, but there are many tables outside some of which spill into the parking lot.

We went with some friends that live in Singapore and eat here on a somewhat regular basis so service was pretty good compared to what I’ve read elsewhere.


The meal started with some peanuts, which were kind of oily.


There were vegetables topped with crushed peanuts with a slight bit of chili but nothing overpowering.

Fried Tofu
Fried Tofu

The fried tofu is one of the house specialties. The tofu was soft and creamy on the inside with a nice firm texture on the outside.

Calamari with Salted Egg Crust
Calamari with Salted Egg Crust

The Calamari with Salted Egg crust was a favorite among the table, but I’m not a fan of salted eggs so this was one I personally did not enjoy.

Cereal Prawns
Cereal Prawns

The Cereal Prawns are prawns that are lightly battered and then deep fried whole, with the shell and head on. It is then topped with a cereal mixture which is reminiscent of Captain Crunch. The cereal is very sweet, almost too much in that is sort of detracts from the taste of the prawns.

Steamed Fish
Steamed Fish

The Steamed Fish is topped with cilantro and green onions in a soy sauce based sauce. The fish was nicely cooked and remained moist and tender. The fish is delicate in nature. This is a nice, clean dish which isn’t very heavy.

Singapore Chili Crab
Singapore Chili Crab

The Singapore Chili Crab was a large crab which was full of meat, especially the claws. The sauce is tomato based and was somewhat sweet and not at all hot. The dish is very messy, but what good food isn’t? The dish comes with bread that is perfect for sopping up the sauce.

The overall meal at Por Kee Eating House was very enjoyable. Most of the dishes were good, and I would come back if in the neighborhood.

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