People’s Park Food (Hawker) Center – Singapore

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People's Park Complex
People’s Park Complex

To get to the People’s Park Food Center, you can go through the Shopping Complex which is what we did. I am sure there is another way to get there by bypassing the shopping, but this was our first time hear.

The food complex is rather large but is sort of split into two sections. Without a bit of exploring we would have missed an entire section of food stalls which would have been a shame. There must be over 200 food stalls here.

Chicken & Rice Place
Chicken & Rice Place


We got some chicken and rice (~$2) which was moist and tender.  The rice wasn’t too flavorful, but the chili did add a little bit of heat.

Noodles & Salted Fish Restaurant
Noodles & Salted Fish Restaurant
Noodles & Salted Fish
Noodles & Salted Fish

My wife got a noodle dish with salted fish and bok choy.  I’m not a big fan of that so I didn’t have a bite.  The line was probably 10 people long but it went quickly.  My wife thought it was just okay, nothing special to justify the line.

Fish Ball Soup
Fish Ball Soup

We also got a soup (~$3) with fishballs, tofu, fried tofu and a chicken wing.  The soup was somewhat bland, but otherwise okay.

Roasted Duck/BBQ Pork Restaurant
Roasted Duck/BBQ Pork Restaurant
Roasted Duck/BBQ Pork
Roasted Duck/BBQ Pork

The roasted duck and BBQ pork (~$6) which was very good.  The skin was crisp and sweet with a nice lacquered finish, while the meat was tender on the duck.  The pork was the right amount of tender meat and fatty goodness.

Nasi Bungkus
Nasi Bungkus

We tried an Indonesian place and got Nasi Bungkus (~$3), which did not come wrapped in a banana leaf like its usually served.

The food had been sitting out for a while and was somewhat cold.  You are normally served a hard boiled egg instead of a fried egg.  The fish cake was okay, but the chicken wings were again cold.  I should have let the fact that I didn’t see one person buy any food for the 10 minutes I was waiting for my duck/pork dish be a sign of bad to mediocre food.

There are many options at People’s Park Food Center, and most of them are very reasonably priced. If in the area again, I would definitely try out more of the food stalls and try to be more strategic about it.

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