Hyatt to Start Premium Wifi Benefit on 2/14/15

Wifi Announcement
Wifi Announcement

I received an email from Hyatt regarding their new global wifi policy to offer all guests free wifi whether or not they booked their room directly through Hyatt.  Platinum and Diamond members get upgraded to complimentary premium wifi.

I am always somewhat amazed that hotels continue to charge for wifi in this day and age.  What’s somewhat more astonishing is that many of the business or family friendly hotels have been offering free wifi for a long time.  I think full service hotels have been and continue to charge for wifi because they continue to profit off of it despite the backlash from the public.

When the new wifi benefit gets implemented on February 14, 2015 I think it will a major win for guests.

Here is Hyatt’s press release back in December 2014 of the announcement.

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